Well, my dad was right (sort of)…the older we get the faster change happens and the harder it is to adjust for it. Can you believe it…the summer is nearly over and the kids are once again taking thier first day photos for school?

If you have been in Texas more than a few years you know two things:

1. Texas tends to do everything BIG and

2. From weather to economics, things are always changing.

Thankfully, all of us have this amazing tool in our toolbox to assist us in the ever changing landscape of our lives. Yoga has been around for thousands of years, and amidst the current events, it is needed now more than ever to help us cope with change. Not only can it help us cope, but when used consistently and intentionally, it can help us thrive! YES! THRIVE!

Would you like to know more about how you can use yoga to thrive?  I invite you to join me over the next few months to learn about how we can biohack our live with a shift in our yoga practice.

BioHack Your Life with Yoga Series

August 9th to Oct 17th

Every week I will be going through a new topic and yogic principle to help you build resiliency and thrive in a deeper way through your yoga practice. 

I do hope you will join me starting next week live or virtually for class.

Jenny :)

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