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Yoga Trainer


Wouldn’t it be nice if there were session you could do 1-on-1 with an instructor to teach you the basics before class? The KICKSTARTER SESSION is just for you!

In this 60-minute session you will learn the basics of yoga to help you feel confident going into your first class. Session includes private instructions on:

  • Postures and Alignment
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Props and how to use them
  • What to expect during and after a group class
  • Direction on which classes would be the best fit for you

Don’t want to try yoga on your own? You can bring up to 2 friends to this session! Once complete, you both can jump into one of our classes that fit your schedules and skill levels. 

Class Types & Descriptions

Appointments are subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy.


Designed for those who experience physical challenges. This practice emphasizes proper form and uses props to build strength and improve balance, coordination, stability and movement. YA is especially beneficial for those who have MS, Scoliosis, Parkinson’s, arthritis, joint replacements or spinal fusions, or who are recovering from an injury. NOTE: Students must be able to get up out of a chair unassisted to attend this class.

Skill Level: Newcomer to Moderate
Duration: 60 Minutes

Gentle Yoga

Move and breathe in this gentle practice which uses a slower-paced flow and simple poses to enhance mobility and flexibility, while improving body-mind awareness.

Skill Level: All Levels
Duration: 60 Minutes

Energizing Flow Yoga

Our Vinyasa style Energetic Flow Class. Class will focus on linking conscious breath with mindful flowing movements to build energy, strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. Class includes lots of movement and swift changing of poses.

Skill Level: Moderate/Advanced
Duration: 60 Minutes

Healing Sounds Yoga

An intentional movement-based meditation class that encourages opening up of the body to release physical blockages using breath, movement and mindfulness to create deeper connections with the body. Each class ends with a therapeutic sound bath from singing bowls, the most gentle of all healing modalities, to release energy blockages. This is an IN STUDIO class only.

Skill Level: Newcomer / Moderate
Duration: 60 Minutes

Deep Stretch

A mixture of seated and standing postures that are held for a longer period of time giving us ample nurturing time to reconnect the mind, body and breath. These long-hold deep-stretches are typically supported with props and a wonderful way for the body to begin to let loose its tension and begin to create a permanent lengthening of the connective tissue leaving the body with a greater sense of mobility.

Skill Level: All Levels
Duration: 60 Minutes

Kriya Yin Yoga

Four yoga practices systematized together to produce a deep relaxed state each time. We start externally and move inward for healing and insight. Postures start at the beginner level, with options given to advance each posture as appropriate for each student.
For those with tight connective tissue it helps to activate and open ligaments and tendons. For the meditator, it provides access to the deeper recesses of the mind with simple yet powerful breath and visualization exercises. For the intellect, it provides gems of ancient truths. It has something for everyone in a safe and loving environment.

Skill Level: All Levels
Duration: 60 Minutes

Relax & Renew

Enjoy this slower-paced, gentle practice which incorporates elements of restorative yoga: slower movements and deep stretches to release tension in your muscles, improve your immune system, and help reduce stress.

Skill Level: All Levels
Duration: 60 Minutes

Rise & Shine Yoga

Get your day off to a great start with this all levels yoga class. Simple postures and breathing techniques to awaken the body and build energy to last all day. Learn how yoga can prepare your body and mind to navigate your busy day with mindfulness and resilience.

Skill Level: All Levels
Duration: 60 Minutes

Core & More

Strengthen and tone your core, and improve posture and balance in this challenging and fun practice which includes elements of yoga, Pilates, strength training and Barre. Props and stretching may be used to increase stability, strength, and flexibility.

Skill Levels: Moderate to Advanced
Duration: 60 Minutes

Class Packages

Want to bring a friend or family member to class? You can use your package to cover their visit. Check the schedule for location details.

New Student Promo

3 Weeks Unlimited Studio & Virtual Classes

1 Drop In Class

12 Month Expiration. Good for virtual or in studio.

10 Classes

6 Month Expiration. Good for virtual or in studio.

20 Classes

12 Month Expiration. Good for virtual or in studio.

12 Class YOGAdaptive Pack

Good for IN PERSON YOGAdaptive classes only. Expires after 6 months. Attendees must be able to get up out of a chair unassisted.

VIRUTAL Unlimited Month

Unlimited access to all VIRTUAL Classes. Monthly and Auto-Renew options available, cancel anytime.

V-IP Unlimited Month (A/R)

Unlimited access to VIRTUAL and IN PERSON Classes. Auto-renew, cancel anytime.

V-IP Unlimited Month (1 Month)

Unlimited access to VIRTUAL and IN PERSON Classes for 30 Days.

Private Lessons

Private lessons for Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi are available at your location or ours. Please allow 60 minutes for this session. Private lessons may be shared. Both VIRTUAL and IN PERSON sessions available.

Back in Action Yoga & Pilates Sessions

You once had a thriving Yoga or Pilates practice. But then the pandemic hit and what was once a consistent practice is a fond memory. Here is your chance to start again. No matter how long it has been or how much your body has changed, we are here to help rediscover your movement practice.

These sessions can be customized for a specific challenge you are having, be it combating a newly discovered limitation, or helping overcome social anxiety or depression from being sheltered at home for an extended period.

You do not need to be a seasoned practitioner for this session. Our Instructors use Yoga and Pilates to get the best results for your short, mid and long term goals for all levels of students.

Kickstarter Session

Good for first time private lesson only. Great for new and returning students.

Private Lesson

4 Pack Private Lesson

$75 per session.

8 Pack Private Lesson

$72 per session.

10 Pack Private Lesson

$70 per session.

Thai Body Work

“Thai bodywork” or “Thai yoga assist” is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. Thai bodywork has assisted in physical balancing, restoration of movement, relief of pain and stress, and recovery from injuries.

60 Min Thai Bodywork

90 Min Thai Bodywork

Energy Work

Energy Healing work encompasses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. Assisting in clearing away layers of judgments, limiting or outdated beliefs, suppressed emotions, and energy blockages, chords and attachments resulting in reduction or removing physical pain, emotional suffering and negative experiences. Techniques used maybe Reiki, Biofield Tuning, Somatic in nature or a combination of each. NOTE: Due to the nature of this work, sessions may go longer than expected.

60 Min Energy Work

90 Min Energy Work