WOW. We continue to be amazed by all of you and your support since we closed the physical location on March 17th.⁠

You’re showing up to your online classes and private sessions with unprecedented commitment to your self-care routines.⁠

You’re reaching out via email to thank us and lend us your ideas and resources.⁠

And many of you have even donated to our Teachers & Staff COVID Relief fundraiser — in fact, we’ve already raised over $7500 of our $20K goal, which was extremely helpful in keeping things alive online.


We realize that not every small business can even generate ANY revenue at this time, and so even though we’re operating on a very lean 50% of our normal monthly gross, we are thanking our lucky stars each and every day for the opportunity to forge ahead.⁠

We have no idea how long this will last or what the future will bring, but we know we are going to continue serving you all for as long as we possibly can.⁠

And we WILL find new ways to adapt to whatever challenges COVID and its aftermath brings us because we are RESILIENT and innovative as a team, and above all else, COMMITTED to serving our purpose and our community with our unique gifts.⁠

We love you, and we pray for you everyday.

May we all move through this in Beauty and Trust, and find new meaning in our lives.⁠

With utmost devotion,⁠

Jenny, Rickey & The Entire Rescue Yoga Team⁠

P.S. We know that many of you are feeling the economic pinch of this as much as we are, but for those of you who are able, we humbly invite you to contribute even a small amount to our relief fund, and/or share our page with your social network.

100% of the proceeds will go towards our operating expenses as we continue to navigate this unexpected and unprecedented challenge.⁠

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