Finding Your Center in the midst of the storm is not an easy thing to do any time. But with nearly a year of pandemic driven chaos going on, even the most grounded of us start to tip out of balance.

This is the reason for us today to embrace DAY 1 of the FINDING YOUR CENTER 14 Day Yoga & Pilates Challenge.

My life is super crazy, no day the same as the next. Yours is too! We have adapted to new ways of doing things which you may have over time noticed has caused us to neglect other things…like our bodies, our minds, or our energy levels. Take a second and think back, when was the last time your took your MOVEMENT MEDICINE on your yoga mat?

And that’s why we are here…to get back to the things that kept us grounded, centered, balanced and strong.

Join me 20-30 minutes every day for the next 14 days to get back to our center and give yourself the YOGA & PILATES MEDICINE that you may have neglected to take in 2020.

Besides participating in the practice today, I would like for you to set an intention on what you want the next 14 days of practice to help you discover. Then give yourself permission to join WHOLEHEARTEDLY as we journey through the self-discovery of our body wisdom together.

You can always leave a comment about your discoveries or results in our Facebook Group.

Ready to Practice? Here is your DAY 1 PRACTICE.

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