With all the work we have been doing to center ourselves, have you notice any changes?

Maybe you notice some physical changes in how your posture has improved or your clothes are fitting better. Maybe you notice some of the activities you do, like carrying groceries or walking the dog have been easier. Or maybe you noticed lately when you get on your mat for practice some of the postures have a new range of motion or that lingering in a posture for longer has become less challenging. YAY!!! We noticed those too!

The benefits of this challenge are not limited to just your physical experiences of centeredness and stability. You may have also noticed stability in your ability to mentally focus or feel more emotionally balanced. From the beginning, our mental and emotional stability has been at the top of the list of things to address, along with our physical stability.

Today’s practice will push those new levels of stability and centeredness with a blend of physical and mental challenges.

Here is your Day 12 Practice.

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