Finding Freedom in our bodies can be challenging when we keep them locked up in a chair, car or couch all day and curled up in bed all night.

As we age, our lives typically start to shrink in on us. We start to venture out less, our diets get smaller because we realize we can’t all eat like we are 18, our spine and muscles start to shorten and get tighter causing us to start to fear falls and injuries. Watch and octogenarian as they walk, many of them look at the floor and their gate is more of a controlled fall rather than a walk or swagger. Face it, we don’t recover as quickly as we did in our youth.

One of the many benefits of yoga and Pilates is FREEDOM. When we move we lube up those stiff joints and lengthen those shortened muscles, gaining freedom of movement. With this freedom we are able to experience more life events and do so with increased vitality and confidence. Today we bring you the FREEDOM PRACTICE and a bonus meditation to clear your 5 senses to enhance your ability to be free.

Here is your Day 13 Practice and a BONUS MEDITATION for clearing your mind.

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