Back in 2004, my husband and I were involved in a terrible auto accident. We were at a total stop and rear ended by a semi tractor trailer doing 50 mph. Although there were not broken bones, the soft tissue of our bodies had taken a severe jolt and the pain lasted for years. In a matter of seconds, our world had been shrunk down to small movements and limited capacity to do anything. It was weeks before we were able to regain some physical freedoms (strength and range of motion) we had lost from the accident. 

Many of you have shared details of your experiences of 2020 and becoming more sedentary in your daily movement patterns due to working from home and sitting at a computer all day. If you stand back and look at your last year….do you notice that your range of motion, stamina and stability are less than they were before the pandemic? Like maybe your world has shrunk just a wee bit?

There are few worse things than feeling like a prisoner in your own body because of pain and discomfort that results from a situation that occurred out of your control, which includes aging. Ask any octogenarian how much freedom they have lost over time. 

That brings us to today’s challenge…taking back control. And what better way to do that than with the ultimate practice of Pilates? (I like to call it CONTROL-OLOGY!)

So grab your mats and a little ball (a block, rolled towel or pillow will also work) for today’s practice in Finding Your Center with Pilates.

Here is your DAY 2 Practice.

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