Have you given yourself permission to retreat into a TIME OUT?

We understand time outs to help children learn to cope with stress, manage emotions and address behavior that is unwelcomed. It is a way to sculpt and train young minds and hearts.

Not long ago a friend of mine and I were scheduled to work together on a fun project. I was really looking forward to it, until she called about 30 min before our meeting. She had said she needed to reschedule and that she was taking a mental time out. As she was in the middle of emotionally processing some family issues, I was super supportive of the need and hoped to speak again with her soon.

I was very proud of her for making the call on behalf of her own mental and emotional health. Us working together would have been much less productive has we kept the meeting. Besides, how can you show up being your best if just inside your heart and mind is in turmoil?

For today’s practice, we are retreating into our core. The core of who we are as an individual and stimulating the 3rd chakra. Some of you may love the work….and some may not. But since all of us are looking to FIND OUR CENTER…I know we will all give ourselves permission for a short time out from our day do the work for our own mental and emotional health.

Here is your DAY 9 Practice

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