Maybe you have noticed the colors of trees, cooler mornings and dryer air signaling to us a change….that autumn has arrived. 

Many of you, like myself, are transplants to Texas. Myself, coming from the Ozark mountains of southwest Missouri, I experienced four very distinct seasons lasting about three months each. I loved all seasons and try to make it a point to go back “home” during each season to fall in love again with my favorite climates…all in one place!  Yes, you could say I have a romance in my heart for my homeland. It’s not just the people (cause sometimes our people back home can make us a little crazy!) but it’s the way I feel grounded in the Ozarks, they way the air smells, the way the clouds move, the way nature gives you permission to gaze upon her wonderous critters without them trying to suck your blood! 

You may have a place that you like to retreat to, to find your balance, or to reset yourself, or simply unplug from the busy of the city. The season of Autumn is all about the energy of retreat or withdrawal, the act of finding that place and preparing to hibernate for the winter.

What I find extremely interesting (and a little unsettling) is the climate of Texas. It doesn’t have truly defined seasons. Trees are green one day and it’s 101, then two days later the leaves are gone and its in the 60-70’s, then three days later is 90 and humid. All of this random moving and shifting of the atmosphere over Texas is the perfect storm for allergies, influenza, cracked foundations, power outages, droughts and flash floods just to name a few. Although that is plenty to list, one of the hardest things I think for humans is that we don’t get a chance to acclimate before the climate changes, constantly throwing us out of balance.

In yoga, and the sister science Ayurveda, there are ways that we can help ourselves through the seasons to keep our bodies and minds in balance. For those of you interested in learning how you can continue to THRIVE IN THE SEASON OF CHANGE we invite you to join us for an upcoming workshop on November 6th.

How can knowledge of Ayurveda, Yoga, Herbs & Teas make a positive impact for you and your family this season? 

Join Jenny Alterman and Melanie Hoy to understand what changes for your body in the fall and most importantly what tools, tips & techniques you can use to manage these changes. Topics of Workshop Include: 

  • Understand Ayurveda and how you can use it to improve health
  • Discover the seasonal dance of the Doshas
  • Restore balance through understanding how to apply qualities
  • Stocking your pantry for the season
  • Learn Ayurveda remedies for colds, flus and anxiety
  • Participate in a season specific Ayurvedic Yoga class
  • Enjoy a Dosha specific Ayurvedic meal

Workshop will be full of hands-on creativity while having fun experiencing and harnessing the wisdom of Ayurveda. 

Dress in comfortable clothes & bring your yoga mat. 

When: Saturday November 6th at 6-8pm

Where: 2505 Damsel Bella Blvd

Workshop Fee: $75 includes meal, teas, herbs & spices to try and take home.

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