Rescue Yoga has been supporting our community for nearly 13 years…and the time has come for us to ask for support from you.

Message from the Founder

Although the studio is closed and only being used to film our online classes for you, we need help keeping the lights on and paying the teachers for their hard work and love that goes into each class.

If you know me, (Jenny) you would know I rarely ask for assistance in anything and would give you the shirt off my back to help you feel supported. I find myself humbled and grateful for and by my community with the massive amount of love and virtual hugs I have been receiving in this time.

With that being said, I feel moved to ask for donations to keep our organization running to continue supporting our community. 

We have been granted a matching donation up to $1000 for Rescue Yoga to continue our mission from one of our students. I ask that you help us anyway that you feel moved to by donating, by making an online purchase for yourself or as a gift for another, or by spiritual blessings. 

The staff and I thank you in advance for continuing to love, cherish and support our Rescue Yoga.


Donate from the Heart

Giving from the Heart

Funds are used for supporting Rescue Yoga studio and staff through Covid-19 Relief.