We recently had a conversation with one of our students and she said “Today is hard.”

She was feeling overwhelmed by her job, her kids, the endless cooking & housekeeping, & managing her parents who like to bend the rules of social distancing.

IT’S HARD to find alone time under constant occupation.

You do NEED time to BREATHE, CRY, MOVE YOUR BODY, or DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, or you might lose your mind.

How on earth are you gonna fit THAT into your MONTH, let alone each day?

Here’s the deal. You’re going to need to learn to STRETCH TIME.

First, remind yourself that no matter what’s on your calendar, you can trust yourself to prioritize what’s important & get it done.


You likely just said, “Yeah, right. That’s not going to happen.”

The art of stretching time begins with a decision & a priority.

That priority is your sanity, & the decision might start with taking just 10 minutes to do 5 poses with deep breathing (it will make a HUGE difference, trust us).

When you MAKE A DECISION to prioritize time for yourself & commit to it, your life will expand to accommodate it.

Plus you’ll find your ability to be productive, efficient, purposeful, easeful & joyful during your day INCREASES EXPONENTIALLY when you feel nourished in your heart & healthy in your body & mind.

Your growing skill becomes a magnet for MORE of all the good stuff of life as you keep building your time-stretching confidence.

To fully get the hang of this superpower, BECOME A MEMBER at Rescue Yoga. Your monthly membership will hold you accountable to your commitment to developing this new skill, & prioritizing your health & well-being.

The truth is, WE NEED YOU in all your brilliance right now, serving at your highest level. That is NOT the same as giving away your life force all day, steeped in old patterns of self-sacrifice.

You’re being called to become your NEXT LEVEL version of you.

We’re ready for her. Are you?

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