I am many things to many different people. I am Mom, Grandma, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Teacher, Student, Child of God….and many more.

I claim this title I have never really considered before. I learned it at a  very young age and never questioned the thoughts actions or words that went along with it. 

I am racist. I have been racist. 

I have spoken racist words. 

I have thought racist thoughts. 

I have taken racist actions. 

I want to be not racist. I am actively anti-racism. 

Times change…. we get new information… we learn….. we make realizations…. just like time, we too can change. I am sad for anyone that may have been the target of my hard ignorant heart and words. I am owning it and learning to shift. It is a process of self inquiry….please be patient with me as I make progress every day. 

Yoga is there with me every step along the way. Not judging me and reminding me and leading me always on the path to healing.

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