One of the biggest blessings I received from last year was rekindling a relationship with myself. I had been in GO MODE with the studio growing and helping so many realize the life changing benefits of yoga and supporting them through that journey.

But 2020 presented me with lots of opportunities to listen to my inner wisdom and recalibrate. I learned about what served me (like naps and coloring!) and what didn’t serve me (like worrying about if my email was good enough and teaching too many sessions in a day).

It truly was a shift in all of our lives. At first it was refreshing to have permission to do all the projects we wanted to do but didn’t have time for. Once the newness wore off it became painful and uncomfortable, like breaking in a new pair of shoes or sleeping on a mattress that is too firm. Then we settled in, knowing there would be an end, we would just need to be patient.

But then…. as the weeks turned into months we realized it’s not going away, and life will not go back to what we knew as NORMAL. It’s so interesting to see the cycles of emotion we go through in almost any life change; denial, anger, depression, bargaining and acceptance.

Acceptance is where I find myself today. Acceptance for who I am, what I have created, where I am going, and how I will manage myself and my emotions to get there. Acceptance that a Higher Power is working in my life and it is best to yield to the process.

With that being said, and in the SPIRIT OF ACCEPTANCE, we have decided to close the physical location of Rescue Yoga and continue with online classes for now. Trust me when I say we did not come to this decision lightly and in our heart of hearts know it is for the best…for now.

We are looking for a temporary solution to hold in-person classes, we are considering indoor and outdoor venues. If you have or know of a space available that we could use please reach out to We are already scouting out new future locations for the studio and will keep you updated on that status. Meanwhile we will continue to host privates session until then.

Our LAST DAY of IN STUDIO CLASSES will be January 30th.

If you have a VIP MEMBERSHIP or have OUTSTANDING SESSIONS (sauna/privates) we will be reaching out to you directly.

We find ourselves in our 13th year of business leaning into yoga, and we ask you to lean with us.

Some of you (like Debby Cox, Susan Tjosvold and others) have been with us since before the studio opened, when we were holding classes at Las Colinas Elementary and American Indoor. Some of you reading this may never have even come in for a class, but like to keep tabs on us. In any case….we are delighted you have warmly welcomed Rescue Yoga into your lives and accepted us where we are.

Tifany, Jamie, Jheni, Maggie, Emily, Sarah, Felicia, Lisa, Anne Claire, Rickey, Cory, Stefany, Kalpana, Gilziana and myself are ever so grateful for each of you. We look forward to seeing your smiling faces in our virtual classes until we are able to be together again.

Blessings and BIG Virtual Hugs,


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