Series Theme Slow Flow October 2020 – March 2021

There is one constant in life; change. That truth is move evident now than maybe ever before. Change can be intimidating and may bring about worry but we have only to look to nature to see that change is a constant in evolution. Each season moves into the next as it always has. No matter what is happening in your life or the world around you, you can set your watch to the fact that fall is always after summer, winter directly after fall and spring always rises like a Phoenix from the ashes of winter. This is just as true this year as it was any year before now. Once again, we find ourselves looking on to the arrival of the fall season.

Fall is a time to take into account where we’ve been. It is a time to finish reaping the benefits of the year as the earth goes through life giving dormancy. Winter is often associated with death but it is really a representation of the extreme nature of life. Birth is often thought of as the beginning but new life cannot sprout without the passing of death. Death is not the end to something. In the cycle of life, death is food for new life. Winter is a fantastic time to ready yourself (your soil) for what you desire this Spring.

With the Autumn Equinox just around the corner, I found this occasion to be the most auspicious to start this journey. Using this opportunity to cut off our ties to the year behind us and to make a conscious effort to what we want for ourselves and our future. Each month of this theme will build on the last so that come Spring, we can see the fruits of our labor. We must start by preparing the garden. Autumn is a time when slow growing bulbs are planted to take root later in the year and then to dawn their beauty for us in the Spring as we stretch and yawn back into life.

Through use of a sankalpa, we will end each month with a yoga nidra practice so that we can continue to tend to our garden all the while working toward our desire through each month. You can find details about creating a sankalpa in this post by Sarah Eastburn.

There is so much change and uncertainty in the world right now, it is the perfect time to remind ourselves that we are all the creators of our reality. In such a feeling of helplessness, it is a ripe moment to come back to the knowledge that we are each powerful and creative beings. If this world has caused you to lose your way down the path of worry, doubt or fear then I encourage you to join us in this journey as we reignite the power within and take back control over the direction of our lives. The work we are doing here is specifically for you and your desires to flourish in the Spring. Don’t miss this opportunity to rediscover that you are a magical and creative being on the verge of being the best version of yourself. See you on the mat!

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