7 Day Yoga Retreat


Guanacaste ~ Costa Rica

tools to keep your engine running smoothly in the midst of change

Have you ever felt your life move off center? You know, where you feel the struggle of juggling so many things in your life it is a challenge to hold yourself upright? What about that “one thing” that drops a bomb on you leaving your world rocked and in a constant state if chaos and unsteadiness?

Sorry to say friend, but life happen to all of us. There will always be laundry to do, family that needs us, a boss that demands our time, and a host of other tasks and duties that we will feel obligated to manage leaving us feeling drained.

But what do you do to keep your balance in life through all that? What tools do you have in your toolbox to service your senses and keep your engine running smoothly in the midst of change?


Beautiful Playa Potrero, Costa Rica
has the STUNNING backdrop for the RETREAT OF A LIFETIME.



The RECALIBRATE RETREAT will keep your internal machine running without skipping a gear when life throws a wrench in the works.

Rediscover what it feels like to be in balance again… and learn to maintain that balance ALL THE TIME in this 7 day yoga retreat led by Jenny Alterman.

This retreat is the CATALYST you need to RECALIBRATE your life and learn to KEEP IT BALANCED.

The beautiful and relaxing setting of Costa Rica, along with the tools from a deep dive immersive yoga experience, will provide you with everything you need to enjoy life’s experiences and maintain your inner balance.


This retreat is for you if…

  • Life has been such a challenge these last few years and you need to DECOMPRESS from the daily grind
  • You feel like life is in constant CRISIS and you don’t have the tools to manage it
  • You have been doing EVERYTHING for others and just have NOTHING LEFT for yourself
  • If the thought of coming back from a vacation stresses you out even more by needing to “catch up”

Who this retreat is not for…

  • If you are not ready take the time to do the necessary maintenance for yourself.
  • If you are unwilling to pay the price for your self-healing
  • If you don’t believe you are worthy of living your best life everyday
  • If the need to self-sacrifice is your life’s purpose
Men-an-tol Holed Stone


It is a HARD RESET for your life!

Start with an 7 day stay in a custom built luxury villa in a hidden tropical paradise carefully tucked away along Costa Rica’s peaceful Gold Coast.

Now that the stage is set, we will start to help you DECOMPRESS in the most efficient way possible using the tools yoga has to offer. Next is the OVERHAUL phase where we take a deep dive into how to care for our mind, body and spirit. Finally finishing up with AFTERCARE tips and tools to help you reintegrate back into your life and not sliding back into crisis mode.

You are ready for a life overhaul with a structure that will keep your life running


Woman Yoga Breathing on Sunset Beach


Embrace the morning as you rise in your tropical sanctuary. Let the warm sun and melodic rhythms of Costa Rica serenade you.

Savor the richness of locally sourced coffee or tea as you bask in the beauty of paradise.

Join us by the pool for a energy recalibrating yoga & meditation sessions that will elevate your senses and invigorate your spirit.

With every practice you will feel more and more reconnected to your TRUE SELF.


After your morning activity of your choosing, nourish your body with brunch pool side or check out the local restaurants on your own, followed by free time to stroll to the beach, add another excursion to your day, or sightsee at the beach shops of Playa Potrero . 

Assistance and recommendations for optional activities will be facilitated by our in-house staff.  This time is yours to explore. 

Whether you choose to do participate in everything or just lounge on the beach or next to the pool… you will be nurtured on every level!


Now we venture out into the beautiful landscape of the beach, or jungle to do what is missing in our lives…PLAY. Activities and excursions are numerous and include: a trip to the rainforest, ziplining for the adventurous, or a chocolate tour. 

Maybe you prefer to hang at the beach and take surf lessons, or go on a boat tour. Of course chilling at the pool or getting a massage may be how your perfect day of play looks.

Additional activities are available for booking through the retreat center.


End the day back together with restorative evening yoga, followed by dinner featuring fresh, organic local cuisine by our private chef.

Each day will be abundant with movement plus plenty of rest and rejuvenation. All yoga and meditation sessions as well as excursions and adventures are optional.

Plunge Daily

My dear friend, it is time to shift the focus onto yourself and give some much-needed care to your wellbeing. It’s time to indulge in the transformation towards vitality, as you deserve to have your needs met and prioritized just as much as anyone else. Don’t hesitate any longer, take the plunge and let us be your life line along the way.

Feed Your Soul

Beloved, nourishment is not solely about food. The truth is, many of us are malnourished in multiple aspects of our lives. Fear not, as I have a solution. Along with yoga, our skilled chef can prepare all that you require for a complete and fulfilling existence. Nourish your mind, body, and soul so you can be satiated on every level.

Rest Deeply

Infuse your being with calm, balance, and profound self-connection. Say YES to this immersive experience that will quench your thirst for peace and recharge your spirit. It’s time to unplug from the usual and fully immerse yourself in the nurturing cleansing of this transformative week. So what do you say? Are you ready to escape?

Saved My Life!

Rescue Yoga has literally saved my life, many times over. Jenny makes the studio and yoga totally accessible to all. Rescue Yoga is a positive force on a personal and a community level, it has great energy and I’m proud to call it my yoga home!
Myra Walker
UNT Professor (Retired)

Relaxed and Real…

Practicing with Jenny for nearly 13 years I have became so much stronger and more flexible. My favorite benefit is the impact my practice has had in decreasing the stress of a high-performance day job. Like Jenny, the studio is relaxed and real. The classes start where you are and take you from there.
Cathy Hutchison
Digital Marketer/Content Creator
Jenny Alterman, RYT500

The Beach is

My Happy Place

If you have come to my classes you will often hear me guide you through savasana with the intention of the beach…“smelling the salty breezes and hearing the waves licking the beach, feeling your body cradled by the sand and sensing the warmth of the sun on your face” or something like that.

Watching your body settle into savasana that way, I can tell the beach is your happy place too.

I’ve found for me there is nothing better to recharge my batteries than to be in a state of savasana all day near the water.

For years I have been going on retreats, they have been instrumental in how I take care of myself.

I invite you to join me for an adventure that will set you free from the day to day and help you rediscover the INNER PARADISE of YOUR TRUE SELF.

Your Recalibration Yoga Retreat Accommodations
Private Suites

Each suite in the villa has a private outdoor patio area with a 50 inch smart TV, large closets, luxurious spa rain shower complete with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, bath salts, hair dryers and makeup remover as well as air-conditioning.

You Will Experience:

  • Transportation to and from Liberia Airport
  • Daily yoga & meditation sessions
  • Chef prepared meals & snacks
  • Sound therapy & Gong bath
  • 45 Min Thai Massage Therapy Session
  • Massage Therapy Session (Extra Fee)
  • Choose from list of excursions (Optional)
  • Welcome dinner to set the tone of the retreat
  • Closing ceremony and dinner beachside
  • Rest and nourishment that you desperately crave
  • Connection….with nature and others
  • Memories that will last a lifetime
  • Your Inner Paradise to take home as a gift


Enjoy our open kitchen with meals freshly prepared local cuisine by our executive chef. Locally sourced coffee, tea and snacks available anytime.

Pool side

Fun with a side of serenity. The pool includes outdoor shower, pool changing room and bathroom for convenience. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

Common Areas

All suites have a private patio with comfortable seating and smart TV’s.

Comfortable inside and outside common area seating with ambient lighting and configured to help you connect with others and take in the experience.

About The Rooms

Reservations for Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple occupancy for the retreat villa. Each private luxury suite is airconditioned ready with private patios and showers, uniquely designed and custom arranged for the needs our guests.

Ground Transportation

Ground transportation to and from Liberia (LIB) Airport and any of the local excursions or activities are included with your trip.

Please Note: Airfare, trip insurance and shuttle from an airport other than Liberia is not included in this retreat.

Bonus Add On services

The Villa staff provides daily housekeeping and laundry services. BBQ grills, beach lounge chairs, bikes, paddle boards, and a golf cart are all little extras to help you feel welcomed and free to relax, play, explore and more.

We’ve taken care of everything, so you can kick back and relax! Enjoy your get-away with stellar service from start to finish – setting a high standard for any future trips.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are getting questions all the time about this retreat. Check below to see if we have posted the answer to your burning questions.

Seaside community of Surfside / Playa Potrero! World famous for its amazing weather, abundant restaurants, bars and pristine beaches, Surfside Potrero and the neighboring community of Playa Flamingo are at the epicenter of everything Costa Rica.

Whether it’s dining seaside, surfing, beach hopping, hiking and biking in the hills, snorkeling or deep-sea fishing, the sister communities of Surfside and Playa Potrero are two perfect places to relax.

You WILL NEED a passport to visit Costa Rica. I can tell you an interesting story about passports and international travel….but I will save it for another day.

  • See this link on HOW TO GET A US PASSPORT.  If you don’t have a current passport, please note it takes 7-14 weeks to process them. 
  • See this link HOW TO RENEW A US PASSPORT.  If you have one that will expire within 6 months of Dec 1, 2023 then you will need to renew your current passport. Passport renewals take 8-12 weeks to process.

You will need to fly into Liberia Costa Rica international airport. It is a 25-45 minute drive (depending on weather and traffic). We will arrange a shuttle for you upon arrival and departure at Liberia Airport.

Please note AIRFARE IS NOT INCLUDED in this package and you will be responsible for your own TRAVEL INSURANCE if you choose to purchase it. Travel insurance is not required, however recommended.

More travel instructions will follow as we get closer to the retreat. Airfare for Costa Rica is typically cheaper late May thru July.

Your retreat leader to Costa Rica 2023 is world traveler, crusader of freedom and yogi, Jenny Alterman. She has been attending all types of retreats since 2009 and is eager and honored that you are considering joining her on this retreat. Jenny will have a team helping her out to make everything flow smoothly for you.

Cool, then you will be on the fast track to recharging your batteries for the fun stuff. This retreat is not just for the yogi, but for anyone that needs the time and space to find relaxation, play, creativity transformation, rejuvenation, and the opportunity to step back into your true self.

Yes, payment plans are available. Please email for the plan that is going to be right for you. Prefer to pay in full? We can invoice you directly. Please state that in the comments of the waiver registration.

If you are requesting double/triple/quad but do not have roommates joining you, we will be thoughtfully picking them for you.

1. Your requested accommodations will determine your payments.  

2. You will receive an invoice that you can pay in full via your preferred option (electronic check, credit/debit card, venmo, paypal)

3. Need a payment plan? Invoiced payments that can be sculpted to fit your timeline. 

  • Option 1: 50/50 payments  (less the deposit already paid) 
  • Option 2: 50/25/25 Payments (less the deposit already paid)
  • Option 3: 25/25/25/25 payments  (less the deposit already paid) 

You sure can, and we encourage it. Depending on occupancy request, you may be in a room with another that you don’t know. No worries, there will not be any co-ed placement unless both parties specifically request it. Guests are still required to register and make payments.

This retreat was designed for adults and alcohol will be consumed in the villa. With that in mind, kids over 13 are welcome to join you. They will be charged the full rate for accommodations.

You bet! The lucky few that pull the trigger on signing up before June 30th will get 10% OFF. Prices will go to full price on July 1st.

Need to know more?

Send us a message