Where do we find time to practice gratitude with the increasing busy-ness of our lives? Yoga teachers often remind students to pause in gratitude. Once we step off our mats, however, there are countless distractions which can take us away from an “Attitude of Gratitude”.

In Sanskrit, Kritajna (कृतज्ञा) means gratitude – formed from the word krita (कृत) meaning “cultivated,” and the root jna (ज्ञा) referring to a state of consciousness. Cultivated consciousness could also mean “enlightened awareness”. When we pause to notice, without judgment or expectation, we begin to view our surroundings and circumstances from a different perspective. We gain a deeper awareness of how even the simplest of things enrich our lives. We see our challenges as tools for learning and deepening our understanding. And in this fresh view, we begin to create a heart-warming recognition of gratitude in the moment.

Indeed, every moment holds an opportunity for an enlightened awareness of our life experience. May we all take time to pause in gratitude for one another and this beautiful community we have created here. From all of us at Rescue Yoga, we’d like to wish you each a beautiful Thanksgiving, with the deepest gratitude for your contribution to this yoga community and to our lives. 


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