This can be a hard one to fully know in your bones, even if you get it on an intellectual level: When you make a commitment to prioritizing your physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being, everyone wins.

Most of us understand that in theory.

But to actually live that truth takes COURAGE, BOUNDARIES, SELF-RESPECT, and an unwavering commitment to living a life worth living.

We know that life can sometimes get in the way of prioritizing oneself.

Illness, taking care of a loved one who’s sick, financial worry, job changes, new babies, mental health challenges, and obsessive doom-scrolling are just some of the things that can start to creep into Sacred Time Carved Out for Our Selves.

Here’s the trick to “making time” for yourself: Make a commitment. Invest in your conviction that you ARE indeed worthy of exquisite self-care and self-discovery. And then put it in your calendar, and guard that time with your Sacred Self with every fiber of your being until everyone (including you) accepts it as just the way it is.

For some of you, the financial investment in this next year of Yoga & Pilates will be the thing that actually holds you accountable to your goals for your well-being. We get it. We know the value of committing and holding ourselves accountable.

For others of you, we know you are actively seeking deeper insight into your practice and how to use yoga as a wellness tool for self-discovery as well as a self-care.

That’s why we’re so excited to offer our IN-DEPTH YOGA STUDIES and TEACHER TRAINING program starting Jan 23, 2021.

Lovely Students, you’re WORTH the investment in YOU so that you can have the WISDOM, ENERGY AND VITALITY that comes with spending even a few minutes each day/week with yourself. And know that your unwavering commitment to your self-discovery and well-being ripples out and helps EVERYONE you meet.

We have limited spaces available, and they’ll go FAST. Grab one for yourself.


~Jenny & The Rescue Yoga Team

Need information on our IN-DEPTH STUDES and TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM? Browse the rest of our website for training topics, calendar, and who this program IS and IS NOT for.

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