If you’re like us, you have been holed up in your house for nearly a year and it’s time to shake out the cobwebs from those creaky joints and get some fresh air in those lungs!

Rescue Yoga is starting a 14 Day Yoga Challenge on Feb 1st in our Facebook group and we hope you will join us!

We are calling back our inner power stripped from us in 2020. Using yoga to help us in all the wonderful ways that bring us peace, strength and an inner knowing of how truly powerful we are!

Sessions will be posted daily in our Facebook group. For those of you not on FB, you can find the challenge videos posted daily right here on our blog.

Each day will have a dose of wisdom and challenge, along with a 20 minute yoga or Pilates session to build back your inner strength.

Free to join in and participate.

Depending on the weather, we are inviting you to FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF on Feb 14th @ 8-9am with us LIVE at the Splash park on Hebron and Rolling Oaks Drive for our final practice of the challenge. (We will keep you posted on weather conditions for this outdoor event.)

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