Did you know there are over one million Americans diagnosed with Parkinson’s and/or PD and 60,000 more diagnosed every year?

Over 10 million Americans are diagnosed with Scoliosis and MS.

America is also closing in on the 500 million mark for joint replacements of the hip and knee.

These are just the statistics of those that have been diagnosed and currently taking medication for or have surgery due to their condition(s).

Yoga Rescue has dozens of clients that have have these conditions that reduce their range of motion and inhibit their ability to balance.

One thing we have noticed is that after working with the tools yoga has to offer, range of motion and balance have increased as well as a quicker recovery time, improved spacial confidence and quality of life.

For this reason, Rescue Yoga offers YOGAdaptive Classes to serve this population and their caretakers. This class is designed for the purpose of adapting the yoga to the person, the way yoga was meant to be used. If you are impacted by mobility issues, join us for class Tues/Thurs at 1pm. 

Weekend classes coming soon! Stay tuned for details.

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